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24/7 Emergency Restoration in the Dallas area

Chances are, if you’re searching for a restoration company to perform water damage repair at your Garland home or business, time is not on your side. When things get wet, there is only a small window wherein to have water damage restoration conducted before the condition of your property starts to deteriorate. For those in Garland who delay mitigating damage and do not call for an emergency plumber at the first signs of unwanted moisture, dealing with huge water damage repair bills and or an issue beyond salvaging is a strong possibility. But those in Garland who call Wet To Dry Restoration can rest assured knowing that our fast response times will guarantee them a prompt, effective water damage restoration.

Water & Flood

we offer full-service water damage repair and restoration

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sewage cleanup services and remediation

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fast response and emergency-focused plumbing services

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24-hour rooter and drain cleaning services

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Water Damage Restoration Services in Garland

Our company has over 15 years of experience in providing Garland as well as the rest of the Dallas area with water damage restoration and repair services. During that time, our restoration company’s emergency plumbers have seen and fixed it all, so whatever the issue is at your Garland property, trust that Wet To Dry Restoration can surely be of assistance. Garland property owners know they can trust us with their water damage repair needs, regardless of whether or not those needs involve something as simple as a small leak or as complicated as an entirely flooded basement. We take pride in our ability to perform water damage restoration services at both residential as well as commercial properties, so no matter what kind of establishment you own, know that our restoration company can protect or restore its integrity.

Emergency Plumbers Available in Garland 24/7

If you’re left in need of water damage repair due to something that happened to your Garland property’s pipes or plumbing, we can take care of that too. Our emergency plumbers can tackle repairs for a leak or flood via the various damage mitigation and restoration services that we offer to Garland clients. We can clean up sewage spills, perform rooter or drain clearing services, and help with any of our clients’ emergency plumbing needs. We know that in the event of a plumbing problem at your Garland home or business, you just want the mess cleaned up now and the logistics sorted out later. That’s why our restoration company offers response times that are within an hour, tries to repair rather than replace damaged equipment, and bills insurance companies directly.

Garland Restoration Company Here to Help

Whether the issue is caused by major weather events, broken pipes or a sewage backup, the solution is water damage repair and the area’s go-to provider of these services is Wet To Dry Restoration. Our restoration company has over a decade of experience in bringing buildings throughout the Garland area back to good condition through professional and detailed repair work. We are focused on customer satisfaction and offering affordable services, which is why we will always attempt repairs before considering replacement as an option. Our company also works directly with insurance carriers for billing, so clients have less to worry about during such a stressful time.

Give Garland’s Wet To Dry Restoration a Call

Give us a call today to inquire more about our Garland restoration services. If your property currently has water damage, don’t wait a minute longer to hire a cleanup crew; contact our emergency plumbing service now!

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