Basement Flood & Water Damage Cleanup Services in Garland, TX

One of the most common services we perform in Garland is basement flood cleanup. While there are many things that can cause basement water damage to occur – weather, appliances overflowing, pipes bursting, sewage backing up – there’s one company that can certainly fix it, and that’s Wet To Dry Restoration. Our basement flood cleanup crew has seen everything in Garland, from small puddles to mini swimming pools, and are able to do an expert and expedient job at drying and decontaminating them. No matter the size or extent of basement water damage at your Garland home or business, you can trust our company with the important task of restoration.

Basement Flood Cleanup for Garland Homes

When you call Wet To Dry Restoration for help with basement water damage incurred by your Garland property, we show up fast because we know how valuable time is for a basement flood cleanup job to be successful. We start by pumping out any standing water with high-power industrial equipment and then use photometric technology to identify hidden moisture spots and extract that wetness as well. Our Garland team of basement flood cleanup experts then determines which surfaces can be properly decontaminated and sanitized as opposed to what flooring, carpentry, or furniture needs to be replaced. The last step of basement flood cleanup is drying with powerful fans, which ensures that we leave the Garland property completely restored.

Mold from Garland Basement Water Damage

Part of our job as a Garland restoration company that specializes in basement water damage is taking care of mold remediations. Clients often need help with mold because there was basement water damage that was not addressed either well enough or properly. No matter what the cause of the mold or how large its presence at a Garland property, Wet To Dry Restoration is a basement flood cleanup company that you can trust to address it safely and correctly.

Basement Flood Cleanup Company in Garland

Our basement flood repair and restoration services have been helping the people of Garland restore the integrity of their properties for over 15 years. We know that having basement water damage is bad news, but once you give us a call, our knowledgeable staff can take it from there. Wet To Dry Restoration boasts quick response times, expert technicians, and direct insurance billing to make the process easier on Garland property owners. We value professionalism and attention to detail in all basement flood cleanup jobs that we undertake, ensuring that all traces of moisture are gone before we turn the keys back over.

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If you have basement water damage of any kind, give Wet To Dry Restoration a call for fast, professional basement flood cleanup. We will be there shortly to begin drying out your Garland property.

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