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Residential Water Damage Restoration in Garland, TX

If your Garland home has been flooded or affected by water damage, Wet To Dry Restoration’s team of technicians will implement the proper steps for home flood cleanup and restoration. We know that time is not on your side when you’re in need of home water damage restoration services, which is why we are available to Garland area property owners at all hours of the day and night. All you need to do is reach out, and we will have a crew on site as soon as possible.

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Garland Home Flood Cleanup

When a flood rushes through your property in Garland it brings more than just water—a slew of debris and contaminants are usually carried along with the floodwater. Wet To Dry Restoration provides both residential and commercial flood cleanup services to the Garland area. Our expert technicians will remove any large pieces of debris such as tree limbs, landscape decorations, and other rubbish, as well as mud, silt, and rock. Furthermore, we will disinfect your property so that you will not be exposed to any biological hazards.

Home Water Damage Restoration in Garland

Whether your Garland home has been damaged by gushing water due to a flash flood or burst pipe, you can count on Wet To Dry Restoration for quick, quality, water damage restoration services. We will salvage as many features and structures as possible, implement the necessary repairs to ensure structural stability, then return your home to its original condition. We will make sure that no corners are cut, guaranteeing that mold or rot will not spread behind your walls or beneath your flooring.

Garland’s Reliable Residential Flood Restoration Company

When you need the help of a trusted a company to conduct residential flood restoration, you can count on Wet To Dry Restoration regardless of what hour disaster strikes. Our decade and a half of experience as a flood restoration company has taught us that the quicker a client can start their cleanup and restoration process the better the outcome. Our technicians will be at your home in Garland as soon as possible and begin the water damage restoration process right away. We promise to ensure your home is returned to its pre-loss condition quickly and without compromising quality.

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If you are looking for a prompt, effective restoration company in Garland, look no further than Wet To Dry Restoration. Time is not your friend when disaster strikes and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services. With over fifteen years of both residential and commercial restoration and repair service, we have seen and fixed nearly everything. Whether you need water or sewage damage restoration, mold remediation, or rooting services, Wet To Dry Restoration has your back.