Mold Remediation: Mold Cleanup & Abatement Services in Garland, TX

When Garland property owners need mold remediation work done, they can trust the professionals at Wet To Dry Restoration. Our mold cleaning service has brought many homes and businesses in Garland back to habitable conditions over our 15 years in business through mold abatement procedures that are detailed and thorough. As soon as you spy the unsightly spots forming on surfaces, call our Garland company to come do mold cleanup. Once we are done doing mold remediation, we will hand you the keys back to a space that is safe.

Garland Mold Remediation to Avoid Hazards

Wet To Dry Restoration’s mold cleaning service works hard to make places completely mold-free because we don’t want to leave even a trace of the infestation in the building. Mold cleanup is a job that must be handled by professionals in Garland because if done improperly, there could be a risk of inhaling mold particles. There are a number of health concerns that come with mold particle buildup in the body, such as rashes, coughing, and neurological problems. To avoid this, any affected space in Garland needs a quick and complete mold abatement.

Mold Cleanup for Affected Spaces in Garland

When someone in Garland calls us out for a mold remediation job, our mold cleanup crew shows up fast to stop the toxic substance in its tracks. Our technicians use protective gear and always follow safety precautions as we secure the moldy areas and begin to vacuum, scrub, and disinfect. Once all the fungi is gone, we work to completely dry the area so it cannot return, using high-quality equipment and high-power fans. The key to a complete mold abatement is making sure there is absolutely no moisture left for it to return and grow upon.

Mold Abatements after Garland Water Damage

Oftentimes, our Garland clients seek out our mold cleaning services after we have already been working at their property on a water damage job. Since moisture is the launching pad for mold, we often see mold at places that waited before calling for restoration work, giving it a chance to grow. But it’s no problem for our expert mold cleanup crew, who can come in and get rid of the fungi so your Garland property can once again be safely occupied. We even have psychrometric equipment for finding hidden mold under flooring or even behind walls, so you can trust that we will truly get all of it at a Garland mold remediation job.

Call Our Garland Mold Cleaning Service Today!

If you are in need of a mold abatement in Garland, give the experts at Wet To Dry Restoration a call! Our mold cleaning services provide a complete restoration for affected surfaces so that a place in Garland can be good as new.

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