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Residential Mold Removal in Garland, TX

Having mold in your Garland home is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Mold spores can cause health problems and the mold growth itself may create structural problems. At Wet To Dry Restoration, we have the skills and experience to safely and quickly handle mold remediation at your Garland home and to prevent mold infestations in the future. Don’t try to handle a mold mess yourself; let us take care of it for you.

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Residential Mold Removal in Garland

Before we begin the nitty gritty part of residential mold remediation, we take the time to find the source of the mold growth at your Garland home. It is important to investigate the issue before attempting

residential mold removal because you want to know the extent of the growth and be able to stop the water source that is feeding it. If we can find the moisture that’s allowing mold to grow in your Garland home, we can help to prevent future problems. With our residential mold remediation tactics, we will work to ensure that we get rid of all mold right of the bat.

Garland Home Mold Removal Done Safely

To ensure the stability of your Garland home and the safety of you and your family, we start home mold removal jobs by quarantining the affected areas. By containing the section of your Garland home where the hazard is present, we can keep the mold from spreading any further or becoming an airborne threat. The area will be sealed using plastic sheeting and special tape, so the space is completely sequestered. We work hard to make sure you and your home remain safe throughout the process.

Our Professional Mold Removal Process

The process of mold removal in Garland begins with our team of experts taking the infected porous materials out of your house. They will be sealed in plastic bags using tape and properly discarded of in a special dumpster. Any of the non-porous materials that were not too badly affected will be cleaned and sanitized completely. We take the process of restoring houses in Garland very seriously as we know that people want to feel safe and secure at their homes.

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If you are looking for a prompt, effective restoration company in Garland, look no further than Wet To Dry Restoration. Time is not your friend when disaster strikes and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services. With over fifteen years of both residential and commercial restoration and repair service, we have seen and fixed nearly everything. Whether you need water or sewage damage restoration, mold remediation, or rooting services, Wet To Dry Restoration has your back.