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Mold Inspection & Testing in Garland, TX

Mold can be a serious problem for your property, damaging structures and impacting the health of those who occupy the space. Mold testing can tell you if mold is located somewhere on your property and causing issues. At Wet To Dry Restoration, our experts can handle any black mold testing that you need performed at your property, and let you know if a problem is present. We’ll take care of the mold at your place in Garland so you can relax and not have to worry about where bacteria is hiding.

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When Garland Properties Need Mold Testing

If you are unsure if there is a hazard present at your property in Garland, it is wise to call us to come conduct black mold testing. You may think that a mold problem is a fairly obvious one, with large dark spots showing up on surfaces. However, mold can often be growing and hiding in places before you notice any growth in Garland. If you or others on your property are showing symptoms that are caused by mold exposure, you definitely want to have mold testing done to see if it is the cause of your health problems. Having professionals do mold testing means they are sure to find any traces of it at your Garland property and stop it in its tracks. 

Mold Inspection for Garland Properties 

Before getting rid of mold at Garland properties, we start with a comprehensive mold inspection so we can gather information about the exposure. This inspection will help us to determine how far the mold has actually spread at your Garland property. Oftentimes the visible amount of mold is just the start of the growth and there can be mold growing in places you can’t immediately see. Inspecting your place in Garland allows us to find the moisture source that is feeding the mold and promoting the mold growth. 

Eliminating the Mold Food Source

Mold removal from your Garland property would be fruitless if we didn’t also treat the source of its food. Moisture that is left sitting in your Garland property will just promote mold growth to return and re-invade the place. That is why we make sure to fix the source of the water leak. Without the moisture, the mold won’t have any fuel to help it return to your property any time soon.

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If you are looking for a prompt, effective restoration company in Garland, look no further than Wet To Dry Restoration. Time is not your friend when disaster strikes and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services. With over fifteen years of both residential and commercial restoration and repair service, we have seen and fixed nearly everything. Whether you need water or sewage damage restoration, mold remediation, or rooting services, Wet To Dry Restoration has your back.