Sewage Cleanup: Sewage Backup Removal, Mitigation & Cleanup Services in Garland, TX

When people in Garland need sewage cleanup, they want to make sure they hire a professional company that can completely clean the mess. Sewage backup cleanup is not only disgusting, but also very hazardous, and it’s essential that it is only undertaken by a plumbing team in Garland that knows what they are doing. Wet To Dry Restoration offers sewage cleanup services to homes and businesses as part of the wide variety of remediation services that we extend to Garland. Regardless of whatever the backup stems from, our sewage cleanup experts will show up fast and begin pumping out all the sludge and slush. People in Garland appreciate our fast response times and effective sewage backup cleanup services because we make sure the mess doesn’t sit any longer than it has to.

Events in Garland Leading to Needing Sewage Cleanup:
Sink or toilet overflow
Appliance malfunction
Flooded basement
Standing water
Drainage back up
Sewage line back up
Soil settlement
Misaligned joints
Root infiltration
Pipe collapses
Grease buildup
Wet To Dry Restoration
offers sewage removal and cleanup for both homes and business in the Garland area
Why Sewage Backup Cleanup is Important in Garland

It is vital that you seek expert assistance when you find yourself in need of sewage cleanup services at the first sign of a problem because sewage is toxic and can destroy parts of your Garland property. Stagnant sewage water breeds bacteria, parasites, and viruses such as hepatitis-A, salmonella, tetanus, and E. coli. There are three categories of water damage: category 1 is clean water from leaks or overflows; category 2 is gray water that has some levels of contamination (dishwater or washing machine overflow); category 3 is black water, which includes sewage. Category 3 water poses a significant health risk, which is why sewage backup cleanup has to happen as quickly as possible to prevent sickness. This kind of water also starts to rot and break down parts of a Garland structure as well as the furniture in it.

Wet To Dry Restoration Services:

Water & Flood

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Fast Sewage Cleanup Service for Garland Homes and Businesses

If your Garland home is in need of sewage cleanup services, know that Wet To Dry Restoration is here to help. Our sewage cleanup staff can arrive within an hour of your call to stop the mess in its tracks and start restoring the affected area. Garland sewage backup cleanup jobs begin with pumping or vacuuming out all moisture and sewage, including hidden spots that have seeped below the surface that we identify with psychrometric equipment. Then we move on to drying the area, using fans and humidifiers to extract the toxins and smell from the atmosphere and surfaces. If there is anything at a Garland property that we can’t confidently salvage during sewage cleanup, we will gladly replace or rebuild it.

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If there is a sewage backup in your Garland home, you need help, and fast! The sewage backup cleanup pros can be at your Garland residence in no time; just give us a call.

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