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They are nightmare situations: you flush a toilet at your Garland residence and it comes back up. You go to turn the shower on, and the water that comes out is brown. You return home in Garland one day and find the basement covered in sludge. Sewage backups happen for a number of reasons, and as unfortunate as it is when they do, there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you hire Wet To Dry Restoration to address your sewage cleanup needs. When our team comes to do sewage removal at your property, we don’t simply make the mess disappear; we also ensure that odors, mold growth, and contaminants don’t appear or remain in your home or business. We know that clients who are the victims of backups want their property returned to normal as soon as possible, so we work quickly and efficiently on all Garland sewage removal jobs.

Dangers of Delaying Sewage Cleanup in Garland

The very next step after learning that you have a sewage emergency on your hands is to seek out professional sewage cleanup services. Garland’s Wet To Dry Restoration offers rapid response times, as something like sewage removal needs to happen fast because the problem spreads further the longer it sits. Bacteria particles split and multiply constantly, so waiting even just a few hours can lead to much more work being required during the sewage removal process. Not only does waiting result in more sewage cleanup work needing to be done, but it could get those within your Garland property sick as the particles in wastewater contain harmful bacteria like E. coli, hepatitis-A, salmonella, and tetanus.

Sewage Removal for Garland Homes and Businesses

The need for sewage cleanup services can be prompted by a number of factors, from improper flushing to overflowing appliances or burst pipes. Wet To Dry Restoration offers sewage removal for both homes and business in the Garland area, as both can fall victim to an unfortunate sewage situation. The larger the structure and the more components within it, the more opportunities there are for a sewage backup to happen. The stakes are generally higher for Garland commercial properties, as they have more traffic, more use of utilities, and more square footage for sewage to contaminate.

Sewage Cleanup Experts Serving the Garland Area

When you hire Wet To Dry Restoration for sewage cleanup in Garland you can trust that you can turn your property over to us, and that when we return the keys, your property will look good as new. Our goal with sewage removal is to do such a thorough job of getting remediating wastewater, odor, and contaminants that our Garland clients forget all about the mess that filled the space prior. Our sewage cleanup process includes heavy-duty equipment for pumping and drying and detailed disinfectant and cleaning techniques. We will restore things in Garland like flooring, furniture, walls, and ceilings that are fixable, and help you replace what isn’t.

Call Us in Garland for Any Sewage Removal Needs

If you need sewage removal services in Garland, give us a call! Wet To Dry Restoration’s sewage cleanup team can be there fast to start getting rid of the mess.

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